The Art of Wet Shaving or what I usually refer to as “Classic Wet Shaving” to distinguish the cartridge and can wet shave to the more classic straight/cut throat razor or Double edge Safety razor, brush and soap/cream.  My blog will be in reference to the Double Edge safety razor as I myself am not skilled in the art of the straight razor shave and will  not endeavor to venture here until my very young children are a little older.

My hope with this blog is to share some of my experiences: trials, errors and successes with those of you who may gain from this information.  It is also to share with you the many product tests I do.  All the product tests are done independently by myself.  This is more due to my obsessive nature and searching for the optimal shave or shaving combination.

Many people are now turning to the Classic Wet Shave as a low cost alternative to the expensive cartridge razors. Many switching because of the benefits to their skin: Shaving bumps, acne, etc.  I personally wet shave because I find it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, in an otherwise busy and exhausting day (I did mention very young children didn’t I? :-))  While I do enjoy that my favorite soaps/creams will last quite a long time, I also don’t feel the desire to wait several months emptying my current cream to try another.  This often results in my having quite an assortment of products that I test.  As economy of the wet shave is not my primary goal I do test many premium pre and post shaves, creams and aftershaves as well as not so premium brands that have had decent reviews from other users.  To my wife’s delight she is happy to accept all of my discards, as they are all better than the shower soap she insists on using for her legs.

As stated above my obsessiveness leads me into trying a plethora of products, in my search for the perfect combinations for my own face. While this is not necessarily the best combination for others it may be helpful, in that I believe most people won’t go to the extremes that I do as far as purchasing and testing products. As you may know, shaving products can be expensive and the cost can add up rather quickly, especially if you are buying 5 or 6 tubs of cream for every one you use :-). As you yourself may know, aside from the initial outlay for razor and brush, the Classic Wet Shave can be much less expensive than that cartridge razor and can of cream (my technique of purchasing being excluded of course).

I hope that this site can offer some aid to those wishing to find the right shaving technique or those who desire to try different products but do not necessarily want to lay down the money for  a product they may not like, but will last for months or years.