This is my favorite shaving cream to date, I am not stating it is the best, as you will read in some of my future reviews I have several items that I find to be excellent, this is just a personal favorite.

Used with a good brush it produces a thick luxurious lather, that enables a very pleasant and smooth shave. I have found that it works best with my silver tip brushes, it does seem to have a somewhat dryer lather and the added water in the brush seems to help if you prefer a little more fluidity in your lather. This my no means effects the quality of the product either dryer and thicker or more wet and watery, both provided an amazing shave.

My first concern was of course what kind of coconut smell are we going to find. To my pleasant surprise the scent was light and fresh coming from the coconut oil used in the cream and not from added fragrance or essential oils. This light scent lingers for hours after shaving. I found this to be very refreshing. The oil in the cream leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturized and provides a very slick, gliding surface for the razor.

I will explain now why I have stated above this is my favorite cream. This is my go to cream following any day when I have tested an exceptional harsh product, it always seems smooth, even if I am recovering from a serious case of razor burn. It helps my skin to feel better when it is feeling a bit abused. It is also the only cream that I apply any residue onto my face following my final pass and let sit and soak on my skin. I have a very specific ritual for my shaving process and this particular cream is the only one that sees an exception. Following my final pass I wash my face then apply alum, at which point I clean all of my equipment and put everything away. For this cream I apply the residue to my face and clean and retire my equipment , followed by washing the face of remaining cream and then applying alum. This allows for a few extra minutes for the coconut oil to absorb into the skin. It really does leave my skin feeling good.

Form: A

Delicious smell and consistency. In fact my 2 1/2 year old daughter is constantly asking to smell it and then pretends to eat it.

Function: A+

This is a great all around cream, as long as you like coconut. Luxuriant lather, extremely smooth and slick shave. Leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed and moisturized.

Style: A

Style to be expected from a one of the classic British companies that embodies style. Attractive and functional packaging. A must have in my rotation of shaving cream.