This review is a little delayed in coming, as I tested this product prior to the creation of this blog.  I better get on with it though as I have already posted on the Truefitt & Hill sample pack.

I will begin with a bit of a spoiler.  This is one of two favorites of mine.  The other being the Geo F Trumpers Coconut oil shaving cream.

I was a little apprehensive upon ordering this fragrance.  I have read many reviews that had stated the lighter unoffensive nature of the sent.  I tend to lean towards the lighter fragrances due to my work in a medical office.  I was pleasantly surprised when my shaving cream arrived.  First, the black tub is a nice change and looks very classy next to all of my standard beige tubs.  Second, the smell was quite pleasant, I would describe it as a spicy floral aroma and not too strong.  Enough to where you can smell it on your face during and immediately following your shave, but dissipating over the next hour or two.

Here is the online product description  “Fresh and oceanic, 1805 has top notes of bergamot, mandarin and cardamom combined with a lavender, geranium and clary sage heart resting on a sandalwood, cedarwood and musk base. For normal skin.”  I do think it has a somewhat oceanic scent.  A light scent that is appealing to those not wanting the stronger perfume.  Now on to the shave.

The consistency allows for easy application to the tips of my brush, and as I face lather it whips into a rich thick cream.  I find the scent on the face to be pleasant and not overpowering when under the nose. The Shave itself was noteworthy.  This cream is very slick and has excellent glide for the razor, allowing for very close shave with little to no sensation of tugging or pulling.  In fact, this was so smooth that I had to alter my test of the Feather Stainless Steel Razor as the razor itself proved extremely smooth, I was unable to determine if I was actually cutting hair or sliding the head of the razor over my skin with no blade contact.

I will review the various fragrances in the Trufitt & Hill Sampler.

I have become a big fan of the TH 1805 shaving cream and will definitely keep a tub on hand in my permanent rotation.