My sampler just arrived in the mail. I am a big fan of the TH shaving creams. 1805 scent being one of my favorites.

This sampler is a great value. At $8.95 with free shipping it is a great way to try the different fragrances without buying each product. (as you may well know, TH products are not inexpensive)

It arrives in a classy drawstring bag.

As stated at it does not include the 1805 and trafalgar balms. A bit of a disappointment, but the scents are at least available in the shave cream sample and there are other scents in the balms that will allow me to see if I like the balms prior to buying. Aftershave balms are amongst the most difficult products to discover personal gold. I sometimes believe there is even more difference of opinion here then there is for blades and creams/soaps among wet shavers.

I am excited and will begin reviewing products as I use them. I have just started reviewing the Feather all stainless DE razor and unfortunately I need to test this razor with a variety of creams. (I used a TH cream this morning prior to sample pack arriving 😦 ) so I will have to hold out for a little longer.